"Faces of AIDS, The Bonaventure House Project"

The work presented here is a small selection of images from a project that I began in August of 1990. It takes place at Bonaventure House, an "assisted living residence", for people in Chicago who are HIV positive. It is a 30 bed residence built by the Alexian Brothers who are best known for their care of the dead and dying during the Black Plague of Europe in the 14th century.

"Faces of AIDS, The Bonaventure House Project", was first exhibited at the Chicago Cultural Center in April of 1992 and was partially funded by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council. It consists of 60 - 11x14 and 16x 20 matted fiberbase silver prints. It is available for exhibition and educational purposes.

It is only through the great personal strength of each of my subjects, many photographed at their most vulnerable moments, that this project could ever have begun. I owe them much.